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A major objective of the Student Experience in the Research University Consortium and Project is to pursue and support academic and policy relevant research related to the student experience, and more generally to how student support and interact in the tripartite mission of research-intensive university – teaching and learning, research and knowledge production, and public service and civic engagement. In turn, SERU research helps shape the SERU Survey instruments including the addition of new Modules that reflect the changing nature of the student populations and the operations and concerns of our member universities.

The SERU Project engages a wide array of scholars and institutional analysts in this on-going effort, often using SERU Data, but not exclusively. Among the areas of research being pursued:

  • Academic Engagement
  • Undergraduate Research Engagement
  • Civic Engagement
  • Campus Climate
  • Technology and Learning
  • The Experience of Sub-Populations
    • Race and Gender
    • Socio-Economic Background
    • Immigrant Students
    • International Students
  • Learning Outcomes
  • International Comparative Analysis – including Cultural Differences
  • Graduate Education – aligning with our new SERU Graduate Student Survey


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Background Papers

Undergraduate Student Computer Use: A Literature Review of Current ResearchKristine Spratt, University of California, Santa Barbara

New Opportunities in Student Research: Going Beyond the Conversion of Paper Survey Forms to Web SurveysSteve Chatman, Director, Student Affairs Research and Information - UC Davis.