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Every Student Has A Voice. Every Voice Is Heard.

SERU is a member-run, not-for-profit, research consortium designed to reduce complexities and costs of collecting, managing, and reporting data, and to promote data-driven self-improvement. 

It is based at the Center for Studies in Higher Education at UC Berkeley working in partnership with the University of Minnesotai-graduate and member universities. Membership in the SERU Consortium is open to research-intensive universities (having R1 designation and equivalent international campuses) by invitation and for a multi-year term. 

SERU member universities collaborate by:

  • Administering undergraduate and graduate SERU surveys (census, online, customized, longitudinal) of the research university experience

  • Sharing SERU benchmark data and best practices

  • Seeking paths for institutional self-improvement

For the most updated information about SERU, please visit SERU official website