Executive Leadership Academy

The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) prepares visionary higher education leaders to guide their institutions in a multicultural environment. ELA is designed for individuals from all backgrounds interested in advancement to high-level management positions such as dean, vice president, provost, president, and chancellor. It offers an intensive training experience inspired by the need to adapt to an increasingly multicultural and international environment and is guided by a faculty of successful executives and scholars. ELA’s highly interactive curriculum will be most useful to administrators and faculty ready to take the next step in preparing themselves for leadership in today’s rapidly changing academic environment.

Taught by a select faculty team comprised of over 25 senior- level higher education executives, scholars from throughout the nation, including current and former presidents and current chancellors, the Executive Leadership Academy provides an interactive, focused, and engaging curriculum covering five days of intensive instructional time. The sessions focus on 28 executive leadership skills that are essential to serving as successful higher education administrators, with topics on shifts in higher education and higher education leadership, changing funding sources and expectations, new requisite multicultural competencies, risk management, governing board relations, fundraising, and many more.

Since ELA was founded in 2011, 272 fellows have graduated from the program. Many of them have applied their insights from the Academy to their career development or to benefit their institutions. Previous fellows have lauded the ELA program, citing it as “one of the best academies in the U.S. and perhaps globally.” The fellows of ELA derive from diverse institutions: public and private universities, businesses, non-profits, and other types of institutions. In addition, nearly 10% of our graduated Fellows came from international backgrounds, hailing from countries such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, and many more. The results are exceedingly positive: many ELA graduates have advanced to positions such as deans, provosts, chancellors, and presidents, applauding ELA as a program “on the cutting edge of critical issues facing higher education.”

Sponsored by the Center for Studies in Higher Education.

Founder and Executive Director: Josefina Castillo Baltodano, J.D.

Supported by the ELA Advisory Board.

Leading in a Multicultural and Global Environment


SESSION 1: July 9-13, 2018

The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) is designed for individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in preparing themselves for appointments to executive positions such as dean, vice president, provost, president, and chancellor. ELA is a five day intensive and focused training Academy for higher education administrators and faculty from across the country and throughout the world.  272 Fellows have graduated from the program since its first class in 2011.

 A select faculty team of senior level higher education executives and scholars will provide an interactive curriculum. The theme for ELA is "Leading in a Multicultural and Global Environment.


The Executive Leadership Academy enables executive administrators to lead in a dynamic and increasingly multicultural and multinational environment. Leaders in this new environment must have the knowledge and skills to work with individuals from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Professionals must be ready to excel within an environment of fundamental and accelerating transformation due to globalization and economic and technological change. This Academy will prepare current and future leaders to appreciate the multicultural and global dynamics of higher education by promoting key critical thinking skills, leadership, and strategic planning for higher education officials.

View the Executive Leadership Academy 2018 brochure. 


  • ELA focuses on teaching 28 key Executive Leadership skills
  • Tailored experience for each Fellow in a welcoming environment, taught by renowned faculty and speakers.
  • The Center for Studies in Higher Education is respected and prominent in the higher education system.
  • An opportunity to network with other higher education officials and Faculty.
  • Ultimately, the changing climate of higher education requires administrators to adapt to new processes. We offer participants a guided tour through a complete and comprehensive learning program.
  • The final outcome is that participants thrive and advance professionally. Many participants have advanced to Presidential, Chancellor, and Provost positions after participating in ELA.