Ronald Kwon

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Research Associate - SERU Consortium

Ronald Kwon is a research associate with the SERU Consortium. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Riverside and is a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University. His research interest includes immigration regimes, economic globalization, and international education from a comparative lens. Much of his research focuses on the dynamic role that different institutional environments play in shaping and potentially reproducing structures of inequality. 

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Kwon, Ronald and Elizabeth Hughes. (Online first) “Do multicultural policies influence negative immigrant attitudes towards homosexuality?” Ethnicities.

Kwon, Ronald, Brigitte Flores, and Haydee Yonamine. (Online first) “Spatial segregation and the impact of linguistic multicultural policies within the United States.”  Journal of International Migration and Integration.    

Kwon, Ronald, Matthew Mahutga, and Amanda Admire. 2017. “Promoting patriarchy or dual equality? Multiculturalism and the immigrant household division of labor.” Sociological Quarterly 58(3): 373-404.

Kwon, Ronald and Augustine Kposowa. 2017. “Shifting racial hierarchies: An analysis of residential segregation among multi-racial and mono-racial groups in the United States.” Population Studies 71(1):83-99.

Mahutga, Matthew, Anthony Roberts, and Ronald Kwon. 2017. “The globalization of production and income inequality in rich democracies.” Social Forces 96(1): 181-214.

Kwon, Ronald and Michaela Curran. 2016. “Immigration and support for redistributive social policy: Does multiculturalism matter?” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 57(6): 375-400.

Kwon, Ronald, Amanda Admire, and Christopher Vito. 2015. “Declining fertility in two Koreas: The demographic implications for a Korean reunification.” Korea Journal 55(4): 85-110. 

Ron Kwon


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