Higher Education Researchers Workgroup

The goal of this group is to bring together qualitative and quantitative higher education researchers working on issues at Berkeley, the University of California, the State of California or elsewhere for the mutual exchange of knowledge, ideas and issues through:
  • Acquainting one another with their respective research
  • Discussing our research strategies, data base use and data issues
  • Engaging with the questions raised by all of our work
  • Supporting each others’ work by providing feedback on substance and presentation
  • Creating an ongoing list of projects past and present for eventual posting on the CSHE website


  • Monthly meetings for an hour and a half
  • At every meeting a check in with new and existing members about their project(s)
  • When possible prior to each meeting an abstract, proposal, raw summary, finished or draft piece should be circulated among the group
  • At the meeting the author informally presents a summary of his or her research questions and issues and does not necessarily make a formal presentation—this is research in progress
  • Depending on the consensus of the group pertinent articles by non-members could be circulated and discussed for the issues germane to the participants
Too often higher education data driven researchers on and off campus work alone and they are unfamiliar with the breadth of research even on the Berkeley campus. There also is not necessarily communication among qualitative and quantitative researchers although many researchers use both types of data. Additionally there often is a disciplinary divide. This group is intended to overcome these to the enrichment of all participants. All are welcome including international visiting scholars who may be working on higher education issues in their own country. 

Meeting Details

Higher Education Researchers Workgroup 
First Friday of every month
CSHE Conference Room (766/768 Evans Hall) 
Graduate students and postdocs are particularly encouraged to attend.


This workgroup is organized and chaired by CSHE Senior Researcher Emerita, Anne MacLachlan
For more information regarding this workgroup please contact Anne at maclach@berkeley.edu.

Next Meeting

June 5, 2020, 12:00 - 1:30

Contact maclach@berkeley.edu for more information.

The Global Unidiversity Doctorate
Joseph Martin Stevenson

The world continues to experience widespread social distancing as the result on COVID 19, but the world also experienced another social distance phenomenon prior to the disruption of coronavirus -- widespread human divide, division, and divisiveness. Particularly in recent years, there has been emerging research, stories, reports, and social media about how these areas are impacting human diversity on and off campus, everywhere, all the time. Although most American universities and colleges appoint Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) to provide leadership in these areas based on national standards and practices -- moving forward to looking ahead -- there is no university in America that provides a doctoral level program specifically designed, from a curriculum with the integrated standards and practices,  for future CDOs and future generations as systematic, structural, societal divisiveness mounts around the world. This presentation will offer a conceptualized academic framework for a new bold, cutting-edge, and breakthrough doctoral program fictitiously called, The Global Unidiversity Doctorate. Needs, requisites, and demands for such a program will be discussed. This presentation follows other presentations that been hosted by the Center for Higher Education Studies at Berkeley on doctoral education. Among the covered areas will be concepts for student learning outcomes; research paradigms; leadership paradigms; algorithms for the standards and practices; futures studies infusion; curriculum with rigor, relevance, and responsiveness; virtual exchange and integration; and other structural topics associated with programmatic quality, integrity, and credibility of the modern doctorate.  

Joseph Martin Stevenson is a distinguished scholar of higher education studies, Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal for Social Policy and Education, author of many books and articles ranging from higher education analytics, the college curriculum, higher education leadership, neurodiversity and much more. He has served as provost in California, Mississippi, New York City, and as Visiting Provost-in-Residence at NAFEO in Washington. D.C. among other leadership roles  He is an active participant in policy related to HBCUs, student mental health, leadership qualities and is an innovator, forward-thinking strategist, and higher education futurist.