2015 Executive Leadership Academy

Monday, March 23, 2015 - Friday, March 27, 2015
Hilton Garden and Inn, 1800 Powell St, Emeryville, CA 94608 (map)

The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) is designed for individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in preparing themselves for appointments to executive positions such as deans, vice president, provost, president, and chancellor. The ELA is an intensive and focused training academy for higher education administrators and faculty from across the country and throughout the world. A select faculty team of senior level higher education executives and scholars will provide an interactive curriculum. The theme for the ELA is "Leading in a Multicultural Environment."


We are in an age of fundamental and accelerating change in higher education. 
Among the major causes are:

  • the constantly expanding capabilities of information technology, social media, and broadband communication;
  • the forces of globalization that are erasing the boundaries between nations and institutions;
  • diminished public funding of higher education as a recognized public benefit to society; and
  • rapid demographic change, especially in multicultural and multinational environments worldwide.

The goal of ELA is to help prepare executive administrators and future executive administrators for this new higher education world now and a decade into the future.

Universities around the world are increasingly multicultural and multinational.  This global trend is evident in all aspects of academic and administrative life, including research, student affairs, community relations, athletics, admissions, and even areas such as development and alumni relations.  Anyone who aspires to lead in this new environment must have the knowledge and skills to work with individuals from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.


  • Tailored experience for each fellow in a welcoming environment, taught by renowned faculty and speakers.
  • The Center for Studies in Higher Education is respected and prominent in the higher education system.
  • Ultimately, the changing climate of higher education requires administrators to adapt to new processes. We offer participants a guided tour through a complete and comprehensive learning program.
  • The final outcome is that participants thrive and advance professionally. Many participants have advanced to Presidential, Chancellor, and Provost positions after participating in the ELA program.


The Executive Leadership Academy prepares leaders of colleges and universities to guide their institutions in a multicultural and multinational global environment with a focus on the following topics:

Changes in Higher Education:

  • Changing funding sources and expectations;
  • New requisite multicultural competencies;
  • Unexpected crisis management needed;
  • Unprecedented need for entrepreneurship and fundraising;
  • Rapidly growing multicultural and multinational population in higher education institutions

Leading with Long-Term Vision:

  • Vital strategic, academic, and campus planning;
  • Faculty recruitment, retention, and tenure;
  • Implementing evolving leadership models;
  • Budget, financial and resource management;
  • Fundraising, total resource development;
  • Student life and fostering student success;
  • Governing board relations;
  • Transition and succession planning strategies;
  • Athletic program development and governance;
  • Public and media relations, and social media;
  • Executive career search strategies;
  • Technological advances to enable better visibility