CSHE University of California History Websource

As the University of California enters its 150th year of serving the people of California in 2018, this Websource provides access to selected historical documents, photographs, webpages, articles, manuscripts and books on the history of the world’s premier public research university, and more generally on the history of higher education in California and throughout the world. Most of these sources and publications have been produced over time by researchers and associates of UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education and that focus on one or more aspects of the University of California’s history, including its social, political, and organizational context.

We welcome additional references and ideas to help expand the collection and further explore and reflect the history and future of the UC system. This Websource is organized by John Aubrey Douglass, Karen Merritt, and Patricia Pelfrey. For further information and for providing suggestions to enhance this websource, contact John Douglass douglass@berkeley.edu

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