New Flagship University

Envisioning the Asian New Flagship University: Its Past and Vital Future by John Aubrey Douglass and John N. Hawkins (August 2017)

John Aubrey Douglass
John N. Hawkins

This book explores the history of leading national universities in Asia and contemplates their capacity for innovation by focusing on the New Flagship University model. This model, presented more fully in The Flagship University Model – Changing the Paradigm from Global Ranking to National Relevancy (2016), envisions the university as an institution that not only meets the standards of excellence focused on research productivity and rankings, but...

The New Flagship University: Changing The Paradigm from Global Ranking to National Relevancy by John Aubrey Douglass

John Aubrey Douglass

The New Flagship University provides an expansive vision for leading national universities and an alternative narrative to global rankings and World Class Universities that dominate the attention of many universities, as well as government ministries. The New Flagship model explores pathways for universities to re-shape their missions and academic cultures, and to pursue organizational features intended to expand their relevancy in the societies that give them life and purpose. In this quest, international standards of excellence focused largely on research productivity are not ignored,...

Sampling of Key Flagship Themes

The New Flagship University – Sampling of Key Themes

Copyright 2016 – John Aubrey Douglass

The Purpose and Objectives of Flagship Universities

The following captures the larger purpose and objectives of Flagship Universities, with only one that is valued and partially captured in the current crop of global and national rankings—the creation of new know- ledge. Different types of universities throughout the world share these objectives. Yet, they have a special meaning for the modern reincarnation of the Flagship University . . . Outlining the objectives of these institutions is...