Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Global Context

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How are institutions of higher education preparing students for work, life, and citizenship in our diverse world? How does the alignment of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with global learning contribute to this preparation? Domestic students must be prepared to work across differences and engage with multiple perspectives and knowledge sources to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. As students work more intentionally across borders and boundaries, are they prepared to navigate different framing of diversity, equity and inclusion and understand their own cultural positionality within the cultures they visit and learn from? Similarly, international students must successfully immerse themselves in campus life even as they seek out communities with similar cultural understandings. These international students must situate the current DE&I discourse here in the United States through the lens and perspectives of diversity, equity, access, inclusion and belonging within their own cultural context. This webinar will also approach how diversity, equity, andinclusion is situated in different global contexts.

Dr. Roger Brindley oversees a staff of nearly 100 professionals who manage education abroad programs, advise and support international students and scholars, and facilitate the University's many international partnerships around the world. 

Dr. Dawn Michele Whitehead focuses on advancing curricular and cocurricular initiatives and practices that advance equitable participation in global learning, integrative learning, and community-based learning for all students for preparation for life, work, and citizenship.