Educational Gag Orders and Higher Education with Jeremy Young

Educational gag orders, also called "divisive concepts" or "anti-CRT" laws, which place restrictions on university classroom instruction and training, have been passed by state legislatures around the country with great speed.

Join us for an important presentation by Jeremy Young, a senior manager of free expression and education at PEN America, where he advances PEN America’s advocacy for academic freedom and against educational censorship. Young will survey the national landscape of these laws and explore the potential consequences of these threats to free expression, American democracy, and institutions of higher education. 

A former history professor at Utah Tech University, Young holds a PhD in U.S. history from Indiana University and is the author of The Age of Charisma (Cambridge, 2017). 

Young will be introduced by Brian Murphy, President Emeritus of De Anza College and an associate at UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education.

Apr 21, 2023 10:30 AM in Pacific Time via Zoom

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