gradSERU in Europe and Beyond: Development and Planning Meeting

gradSERU in Europe and Beyond

10-11 October 2016, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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 Utrecht University  - October 10-11, 2016

PROGRAM – AS OF 10.3.2016

While part of the deliberations at Utrecht will focus on adopting the gradSERU instrument for top universities in Europe in preparation for gradSERU survey administration in Europe and the US in spring 2017, we will also have representatives from other SERU-International campuses to discuss the major challenges facing graduate education in a globalizing context, including in Brazil/South American and Japan/Asia, and how best to adopt gradSERU in different parts of the world.  Among the major goals of the SERU Consortium is to share best practices and to promote discussion among top tier universities to promote research and pathways to institutional self-improvement.

For further information, contact the event organizers:

Marijk van der Wende - Dean of Graduate Studies, Utrecht University -

Dieuwertje ten Brinke, Research Policy Adviser Academic Affairs, Utrecht University -

DAY 1 - Monday October 10

Location: Belle van Zuylenzaal, Academiegebouw, Utrecht University

  • 11:00   Welcome and Introductions - Goals of gradSERU in Europe and the US – Marijk van der Wende (Dean of Graduate Studies, Utrecht University) and John Aubrey Douglass (UC Berkeley)
  • 11:15   Challenges for European Graduate Education

       - Dr. Katrien Maes, LERU

       - Prof. dr. Andreas Breiter, Universität Bremen

  • 12:00   Overview of gradSERU Development – Daniel Jones-White (University of Minnesota)

LUNCH 12:30

  • 13:30   gradSERU Europe Working Session

       - Review of revised version of the European draft instrument

       - Overall suitability for the European context

       - Relevance of different questions for European context

       - Substantive components and modules

       - Planning and schedule for spring 2017 administration

COFFEE 15:45

  • 16:00   Globalization and Graduate Education - A Comparative International Discussion on Challenges and Reforms in Top Tier Universities

       - The Case of Brazil and South America - Ana Marie Carneiro (University of Campinas)

       - The Case of Japan and Asia – Satoshi Watanabe (Hiroshima University)


DAY 2 - Tuesday October 11

Location: Administration building (Bestuursgebouw), Utrecht University

  • 9:30 - 11:30 (Room 0.33C) 

Shaping gradSERU for Brazil, Japan and Other National Context - Working Meeting

       - GradSERU international survey

       - Discussion on adoption in South America, Asia and Russia

       - Future modules to consider

  • 11:45 – 12:45  (Van Lier en Eggink room)

Lunch Seminar: The New Flagship University Model 

       – John Aubrey Douglass, author ofThe New Flagship University: Changing the Paradigm from Global Ranking to National Relevancy(Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)

       - Satoshi Watanabe, professor of Economics and Education at Research Institute for Higher Education (RIHE) and Vice President for University Management and Planning at Hiroshima University, Japan