SERU CONSORTIUM BERKELEY SEMINAR International and Study Abroad Students: Supporting Global Engagement and Exploring a Research

The University of California campuses, along with most other U.S. research universities, are adapting curriculum and student support systems to prepare graduates for an internationally connected world. An immediate manifestation of the impact of global connections is the marked increase in international undergraduate enrollment.  As these changes occur, it is essential that the University gather information and seek analysis to develop and refine programs such as education abroad that assist domestic students in developing cross-cultural knowledge and skills.  And just as importantly, new data must be gathered to understand and respond to the goals and experiences of a rapidly growing international student population. The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium has developed an initial and small set of survey questions for its AAU and International members to help the Consortium develop more insights into the experiences of our international students and native students going in various forms of education abroad.

The intent of the seminar is to raise and discuss core questions surrounding this subject, including:

  • Examine the information sources that already exist, as well as those that are needed, to measure student advancement and success.
  • Discuss curricular and program innovations.
  • Explore a research network and policy relevant agenda in part built on SERU’s existing network of 34 top research-intensive universities.

To see the agenda, click here.