Symposium: The Evolving Public Role of Universities in Chile and California

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
3:00PM - 5:30PM
370 Dwinelle Hall (map)

Higher education scholars, students and administrators from the University Community were invited to participate in a comparative analysis and discussion on the public role of leading universities in Chile and in the Bay Area.

Research teams met to discuss the similarities and differences in the public role and practices of universities, focusing on four prominent public and private institutions: the Universidad de Chile and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Santiago, UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Among the objectives of the symposium:  

  • Comprehending and examining the evolving public roles of leading public and private universities in Chile and the California, with attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each institutions and how they reflect global trends.
  • Identifying best practices and policies related to expanding the public role of universities in areas such as supporting socio-economic mobility, community service, technology transfer and regional/national economic development.
  • Generating a policy framework to help expand the public role of universities in Chile and California within mass higher education systems.

The program included:

Chile Team  |  PowerPoint Slides |  Video Link

  • Leader Carolina Guzmán Valenzuela, Researcher - Center for Advanced Research in Education, Universidad de Chile
  • Rosa Devés Alessandri – Vice President Academic Affairs, Universidad de Chile
  • Andrés Bernasconi, Vice-Dean Faculty of Education, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Santiago

Berkeley Team  |  PowerPoint Slides  |  Video Link

  • Leader John Douglass – Senior Research Fellow Public Policy and Higher Education, CSHE
  • Carol Christ – Director CSHE, President Emeritus Smith College and former Provost UC Berkeley
  • Henry Brady – Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy
  • C. Judson King – Past CSHE Director, Provost and Senior Vice President, Emeritus of the University of California

Stanford Team  |  Video Link

  • Martin Carnoy - Vida Jacks Professor of Education, Stanford University
Check out photos from the event here  June 24th

Organized by the Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) – UC Berkeley and the Center for Advanced Research in Education (CIAE) - Universidad de Chile with support from the Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (CONICYT).

Co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies, the Chile California Council, and the UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix.

For more information, contact: John Douglass –