Symposium in Honor of Carroll Brentano

symposium in honor of Carroll Brentano

Symposium|October 5|Women's Faculty Club


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The purpose of the symposium is to honor Carroll Brentano through discussing her work on university history. Carroll Brentano firmly believed that a University and all those in it should know its own history. To that end she was the moving force in creating the University History Project in 1989 and launching two periodicals documenting the history of the University of California. The purpose of creating new series, she wrote, in the introduction to the Chronicles of the University of California, was “to increase the store of institutional memory and thereby to revitalize institutional identity and enhance community.”

CSHE has been and still is the only consolidated center for work on the history of Berkeley and UC. Now more than ever as the significance of the history of Berkeley seems on the decline, her purpose is even more significant. This symposium commemorates her work and aspires to raise awareness of the importance of documenting the history of the University.

Speakers: Gina Ann Garcia, Anne MacLachlan, Sheldon Rothblatt, Karen Merritt, John Aubrey Douglass, Kathryn Neal, Gia White

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Studies in Higher Education, the Department of History, the History of Art Department, the Berkeley School of Education, the American Studies, and the Department of Gender and Women's Studies.