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Symposium in Honor of Carroll Brentano

symposium in honor of Carroll Brentano Symposium|October 5|Women's Faculty Club RSVP Full Program

The purpose of the symposium is to honor Carroll...

Book Talk with Stephanie Kim

Book Talk with Stephanie Kim

The popular image of the international student in the American imagination is one of affluence, access, and privilege, but is that image accurate? In this provocative book, higher education scholar Stephanie Kim challenges this view, arguing that universities -- not the students -- create the paths that allow students their international mobility. Focusing on...

Metrics that Matter: Book Talk with Zachary Bleemer

Colleges sell themselves by the numbers—rankings, returns on investments, and top-ten lists—but these often mislead prospective students. What numbers should they really be paying attention to? Zachary Bleemer and co-authors’ new book Metrics That Matter explores popular metrics used by future and current college students, with chapters focusing on colleges’ return on investment, university rankings, average student debt, average wages by college major, and more. The authors draw on decades of scholarship from many academic fields to pair each metric with a concrete recommendation for...

Current Challenges to Academic Freedom

Current Challenges to Academic Freedom

This event is co-sponsored by the Institute of International Studies and the Center for Studies in Higher Education.


Employers' Perceptions on American Association of Colleges and Universities Essential Learning Outcomes

Lecture | Thursday, June 22, 2023 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. PT |

In a world where the workforce is changing and the attainment of a higher education credential is essential; the need to build connections, establish effective communication, and cultivate partnerships between employers and academia is critical. Are your students ready for the workforce, and how would you know? What skills are important to employers and do they mirror what institutions value as important skills? Are employers aware of different frameworks institutions are using to build curriculum and evaluate learning?...

Educational Gag Orders and Higher Education with Jeremy Young

Educational gag orders, also called "divisive concepts" or "anti-CRT" laws, which place restrictions on university classroom instruction and training, have been passed by state legislatures around the country with great speed.

Join us for an important presentation by Jeremy Young, a senior manager of free expression and education at PEN America, where he advances PEN America’s advocacy for academic freedom and against educational censorship. Young will survey the national landscape of these laws and explore the potential consequences of these threats to free...

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Global Context

Lecture Series - YOUTUBE link

How are institutions of higher education preparing students for work, life, and citizenship in our diverse world? How does the alignment of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with global learning contribute to this preparation? Domestic students must be prepared to work across differences and engage with multiple perspectives and knowledge sources to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. As students work more intentionally across borders...

Pursuing Institutions of Excellence: Lessons from the Field

Lecture | Thursday, March 9| Online |Livestream

How do higher education institutions in seven national and economic environments define and pursue excellence? This study looks at the disparate ways institutions define and enact their purposes, how they align institutional behaviors with their stated values and institutional goals, the practices they use to uphold their key principles, and the ways in which they seek to foster these values within these academic communities. These institutions are doing compelling work and offer important alternative...

Who Should Pay for College?

Lecture| Tuesday, January 10 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. PT | Livestream

Who should be responsible for the cost of college? Students? Their parents? The government? Should tuition at public universities be free? Should student loans be forgiven? Is college worth the costs? These are among the questions that Natasha Quadlin, Brian Powell and their research team asked thousands of Americans for more than a decade. This webinar discusses how Americans responded to these questions and how their views on...

Universities in Ukraine During and After the War

Lecture| Thursday, Novmeber 10 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. PT | In-person and online | Livestream

The Russian invasion of Ukraine brought devastation and suffering as well as heroic resistance by the Ukrainian people. Higher education was no exception to this dramatic story. To date, more than 300 Ukrainian schools and universities have been completely destroyed, and more than 2,300 have been damaged. Hundreds of thousands of students and faculty have been forced to leave their homes. Universities have...