A Global Exploration of Undergraduate Reforms in Research Universities: The Path to Engaged Learning

Participation by the SERU International Consortium Conference is by invitation. For more information contact John Douglass at douglass@berkeley.edu

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) – International Consortium will hold its first conference in October 2012 with a global focus on the state of undergraduate education in various parts of the world and reform initiatives intended to improve student engagement and outcomes.

Objectives - The SERU-International Conference will:

a) Provide the first opportunity for the SERU-International Consortium members to share results from the SERU-I Survey, examine cultural differences and similarities, and further develop survey content and a research agenda focused on institutional improvement.
b) Offer a venue to develop an environmental scan of undergraduate reform efforts in key areas of the world, their objectives, and how they are fairing.
c) Offer a discussion on what the ideals of the research university in undergraduate education are and how we might seek an analytical framework to help improve the student experience.
d) Provide an opportunity to engage with other top national universities interested in joining the SERU-I Consortium.