Conference Oct 14-15 will Explore the Global Engagement Strategies of Universities

September 25, 2017
Research Universities and Their Global Engagement Strategies

An International Conference for Research Universities in the Mediterranean Region

September 25, 2017
– Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education is co-organizing an international conference with the Mathematical and Quality Societies based in Northern Cyprus that will focus on the global engagement strategies of research universities in the Mediterranean region.

Universities and their Global Engagement Strategies will be convened at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus on Oct 14 and 15, 2017. Conference registration is free. For program information and to register, see the conference website.

Universities are increasingly influential global actors, enrolling increased numbers of international students, developing new collaborations with other universities, establishing branch campuses, and often adopting English in professional and other degree programs. They are also increasingly affected by the ebbs and flows of the global economy, the shifts in national politics, the ubiquitous presence of new communication technologies, fundamental changes in the markets for students, faculty and graduates, and by a complex process of policy transfer and seeking best practices. Most national higher education systems are both growing rapidly and coming to terms with a significantly more competitive global environment.

Session with participating universities will discuss their international strategies and best practices. Organization of the conference is being coordinated with the Research Universities Going Global (RUGG) Project based at the Center for Studies in Higher Education - UC Berkeley. The RUGG project has generated a "Taxonomy of Modes of International Engagement of Universities" that will facilitate discussion and analysis at the conference.

Speakers will include:

Teresa C. Balser

Dean, Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Science Engineering, Curtin University, Perth Australia

Rahul Choudaha

CSHE Research Associate – Executive Vice President of Global Engagement, Research & Intelligence at Study Portals

John A. Douglass

Senior Research Fellow – UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education

Joseli Macedo

Head of School, Built Environment, Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Cecile McGrath

CSHE Research Associate – Senior Research Manager Policy and Research Ecorys

Narin Şefik

Head of High Supreme Court, Northern Cyprus

Grace Ufuk Taneri

UC Berkeley CSHE Research Associate, Professor and Chancellor Emeritus, EMU,

Founding Chair of Mathematical Society and Quality Society, Northern Cyprus

David Ward

Chancellor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison Past President, ACE American Council on Education

Eric Zimmerman

Director of Research & Global Engagement, Coordinator of TeachEx and SILICE Erasmus+ Projects, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC)

For additional information, contact Grace U Taneri: