April 9, 2014

Dr. Qiang Guo has been a postdoctoral Visiting Scholar at the Center for Studies in Higher Education since July 2013, working under the mentorship of CSHE Director C. Judson King and Professor Wen-hsin Yeh of the Berkeley History Department.

Guo hails from Tongji University, Shanghai, where he is an associate professor in the School of Foreign Languages and Higher Education Research Institute.  His doctoral dissertation, completed in 2013, focused on liberal education and its influence on moral education in contemporary American universities, and his academic interests also include comparative higher education and intercultural communication.  In addition to holding teaching positions at Tongji University, Guo served as Consul for Education at the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco from 2009-2011.

At the Center,  Guo is exploring the organization and operation of interdisciplinary research and educational initiatives in higher education, dividing his research into three stages: case studies of interdisciplinary research and educational organizations in universities in China and abroad, using selected research universities in China and the U.S.;  a comparative theoretical analysis, which  identifies the key elements in successful interdisciplinary initiatives; and an examination of the processes and implementation of interdisciplinary practices.   During his tenure here, he hopes to meet with Berkeley faculty and administrators directly involved with interdisciplinary initiatives.