SERU COVID-19 Survey Policy Briefs

June 17, 2020

Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium is administering a special survey on the impact of COVID-19 on student experience at 10 US public research universities. The SERU COVID-19 Survey assesses 5 areas of the student experience for both undergraduates and graduate students impacted by the pandemic and campus closures: (1) the transition to remote instruction, (2) the financial impact of COVID-19 on students, (3) student health and wellbeing, (4) belonging and engagement, and (5) future plans.

The Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium is an academic and policy research collaboration based at Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California – Berkeley (CSHE) working in partnership with the University of Minnesota and partner institutions. More information:

SERU Consortium Webinar: Being a Student during the Pandemic (preliminary results from the SERU COVID-19 Survey and discussion with undergraduate and graduate deans from UC Berkeley and the University of Minnesota)

SERU COVID-19 Policy Briefs:

06.26.2020 Adapting to Online Instruction: Disparities Among Graduate and Professional Students

06.26.2020 Graduate and Professional Students' Financial Hardships

06.26.2020 Graduate and Professional Students’ Fall 2020 Re-Enrollment Plans

06.17.2020 Will Students Come Back? Undergraduate Students’ Plans to Re-Enroll in Fall 2020

More reports are coming soon!