Ana Maria Carneiro

Job title: 
Researcher,University of Campinas (Unicamp, São Paulo, Brazil), Center for the Study of Public Policies (NEPP)

Ana Maria Carneiro is a Researcher at the University of Campinas (Unicamp, São Paulo, Brazil),Center for the Study of Public Policies (NEPP), since 2010. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Center For Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley. Her research interests focus on student educational outcomes, the impact of general education on student development, and longitudinal studies applied to higher education impact evaluation. She coordinates the evaluation of the Interdisciplinary Higher Education Program (ProFIS), a higher education program at Unicamp, which serves as an affirmative action program and a general education program. She is an associate coordinator of the Laboratory for the Study of Higher Education (LEES) at Unicamp. LEES is a research group devoted to the study of the impacts of Brazilian Higher Education expansion on inequality and social stratification. Ana Maria Carneiro received her Ph.D. in Science and Technology Policy from Unicamp, her M.S. in Sociology from Unicamp, and her B.S. in Social Sciences from Federal University of Goiás. 


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