Cécile Hoareau

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Research Associate - Research University Going Global

Cécile McGrath, née Hoareau, is a Managing Consultant at ICF, where she manages the portfolio of policy research in education and research and innovation policy for European Union institutions. 

Cécile’s research has informed various governments and European institutions. For example, she advised the British Government on ways to measure student learning (Learning gain in Higher Education in 2014), which prompted several higher education institutions to pilot measures to assess how much students learn throughout their degree. She has also supported the reform of the funding system of higher education in Slovenia with Prof. Frank Ziegele. She has also advised the organisation of the Ethiopian Government in combining its education and research portfolios through a review of European practices.  She gave evidence to the European Parliament Education and Culture Committee on how the equity and standards of admission requirements to higher education in Europe compared to the ones in the US, Japan and Australia (report here, 2015). And her research on Business-University cooperation in North America here has informed the European Commission. 

In addition, Cécile is also interested in researching on and developing the capacity of higher education institutions in Europe. She led an EU-funded collaborative project involving institutions from around Europe to determine the features of the governance and management of universities which would lead to innovation (Governance and adaptation to innovative modes of higher education provision) 2015. This was a follow-up to a European-wide comparison of the innovation potential of higher education systems across Europe that she co-authored in 2012 (IZA paper here). Cécile also contributed to designing an online course on internationalisation in higher education for the European Commission (2017). Cécile has an interest in the internationalisation of higher education, having published some joint research on higher education with Prof. John Douglass and Richard Edelstein. 

Cécile was a postdoctoral Fulbright-Schuman researcher at the CSHE in 2010-2011. While in Berkeley, she researched on student loan designs in the US in comparison to the EU with the view to informing an EU-wide student loan facility, that she subsequently contributed to evaluate.  She subsequently worked at UNU-MERIT, a joint research centre between the UN and the University of Maastricht and RAND Europe, the European branch of the RAND Corporation, before moving to public policy consultancy; where she leads projects on European higher education.

Cécile has a doctoral degree from the London School of Economics, that she wrote on the Bologna process (thesis available here).    

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Research interests: 

Higher education, comparison of national systems, internationalisation, European higher education 


Current Research Projects

Research Universities Going Global


John Aubrey Douglass; Cécile Hoareau; Richard J. Edelstein
Journal Articles, 2014
Cécile Hoareau
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS), 2011
Cécile Hoareau
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS), 2010
Cécile Hoareau
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS), 2010