Grace Ufuk Taneri

Job title: 
Research Associate - Research University Going Global
Grace Ufuk Taneri is a Senior Executive, Consultant, and Professor of Mathematics in multicultural and global higher education institutions, applying more than 20 years of experience to  academic, administrative and operational management, pioneering establishments, multicultural and diverse campus development, strategic planning, international accreditations, local and international communications  with Ministries, Governments, Higher Education Institutions,  and accreditation bodies, faculty, staff, and student recruitment, development, performance, satisfaction and retention, institution development and performance, and personal and professional enrichment.
As a graduate of University of London, UK, she is specialized in Quantum Theory and Stability Theory. She is one of the founders of the Eastern Mediterranean University EMU, located in North Cyprus, the first university of the island, and in English Medium of Education. Among many international collaborations, she held positions at the University of Waterloo- Faculty of  Mathematics and Department of Systems Design Engineering, University of Wisconsin Madison- CQPI research Center on Quality and Productivity Improvement and OQI Office for Quality and Improvement, and many years’ research visits to King’s College, Quantum Theory Research Group. In her country, she organized several international conferences, worked for the President’s Office (North Cyprus) for a pioneering establishment of a National Research Centre that was international with its researchers and projects. She is now Chancellor-Emeritus of EMU and Founding Director of Eminence Quality Management Consulting Ltd.. As is reflective in her visit to CSHE, her international collaborations take a  centre piece in her career. 
Her Research Project at CSHE concentrated on Globalization in Higher Education. She worked with two authorities in the field, John Douglass and Richard Edelstein. They concentrated on the USA, UK, and EU Universities’ ventures in Asia, and published several papers and a book. 
Taneri’s scientific contributions have been in both mathematics/physics/theoretical and computational chemistry and higher education.  Her first co-authored book was on “Quantum Field Theory with application to Quantum Nonlinear Optics” (2003).  Her first published review volume was  on “The Unitary Group in Configuration Interaction CI Method’ in Comp. Phys. Reports, 1, No 3&4, 127-236 (1984).
Taneri’s earlier roles in a Higher Education Institute HEI include the positions of Founding Department Chair, Director of Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Director of Research Centres of Excellence and Technology Park, Quality Adviser to the Chancellor, International and Public Relations Coordinator, and Chancellor. In her role as the Chancellor, she established an Institutional Quality System, secured successful EUA (European University Association) Institutional Evaluation, several accreditations including USA’s ABET and AACSB, and UK Naric recognition for EMU Diplomas, established the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and accumulation System) in all academic programs(from Engineering to Sciences, to Social Sciences, and Tourism and Hospitality Management),  secured DS  Diploma Supplement for graduates, advocated student, faculty, and staff services and support, faculty and student global mobility, and global institutional collaborations and representations.
Her key competencies include:
 •Development of Bye-Laws• Policy and Procedure Development •Program and Project guidance •Curriculum Development (Undergraduate and Graduate) •Classroom & Online Instruction  •Learning, Teaching, Assessment & Evaluation •Facilitating development of course material, tools, and support services, application of technology to educational programs •Leadership on ‘On Campus- and Distance- Learning’, Exchange Programs, and Mobility for students and faculty •Data bank generation and analysis for graduate studies •Performance Management  •Goal Setting•Benchmarking •Change Management •Decision Making •Problem Solving • Use of TQM in Admission Procedures• Process Improvement •BALDRIDGE •ABET •Bologna Process •EFQM •Marketing •Fiscal Oversight •Revenue Generation & Savings • Budget Planning and Control •Internationalization •Globalization •Communications •Interpersonal Skills •Networking •Negotiations • Aligning institutional unit goals (e.g. departments, faculties,  institutes, research centres of excellence, administrative units, alumni office, careers office) with institutional systems, values, and mission, and establishing and expanding local, national, and international relationships with institutions, public and private sector organizations, funding councils, ministries, embassies and higher education policy makers, media, and alumni, and forge efficient, productive, collaborative organizational cultures• Identify, create, and seize opportunities for organizational development, maximize opportunities for research and teaching, as well as enterprise and commercial activity, and provide advisory and consultation to students, instructors, and institutions •Champions extensive global collaborations•Advocates Higher Education Trends, Policies and Principles.
Visiting Scholar, CSHE, UC Berkeley
Chancellor Emeritus, Institute of Higher Learning,
Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus