Hua Fan

Job title: 
Assistant Researcher, the Institute of Higher Education at Yunnan University in China (YNU), and the Deputy Director of Comparative International Education Center at Yunnan University

Hua Fan now is an assistant researcher at the Institute of Higher Education at Yunnan University in China (YNU), and the deputy director of Institute of Comparative and International Education Research(ICIER) at Yunnan university. He received his PhD in Education from Xiamen university in China in 2014. He has recently focused mainly on using the research tools of social science to reveal the inter-related causes of education quality and academic experience of students learning and research in interdisciplinary centers/ departments/programs in World-top universities, considering differences across the lines of university group, gender, class, geography, sexuality, et cetera. He believes in an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach is critical to recognizing the complexity of the contemporary interdisciplinary education programs in world-class universities. He has used a variety of social science methods – participant observation, in-depth interviewing, survey research, field experiments to shed light on this question in perspective of mixed research methodology.

Since his Ph.D. graduation, he has been engaged in a long-term research on the imperial examination system in ancient China and educational examinations, such a research that will recently shift from a literature-based historical approach to a quantitative-based historical research mainly from a sociological approach and perspective. Recently, he has been working on a book manuscript about the social history of the imperial examination system in Qing Dynasty of China.

Selected publications and national funded research projects

Single-Authored Books 

  1. FanHua.The History of Imperial Examinations in China, Guiyang, Guizhou Education Press, 2017.12,

  2. FanHua. The Imperial Examination and Culture in Qing Dynasty, Beiing, China Social Sciences Press (Contracted to be Published in 2022).

  3. FanHua. Research on Academic Experience of Interdisciplinary Education for Undergraduates in Word-top University, China Higher Education Press (Contracted to be Published in 2023).

  4. FanHua. Qing Dynasty imperial examination society and culture in Ancient China, China Social Science Press (Contracted to be Published in 2023)

Journal Articles

  1. Hua Fan, Jianzhou Ni, etc.,(2020).Difference Analysis of the Effect of Human Capital Accumulation on Economic Growth between Coastal Cities and Inland Areas in China in Recent Ten Years: The Empirical Research on 15 Sub-provincial Cities, Engeering Village, ACM ISBN 978-1-4503-8981-5/21/04,

  2. Fanhua(2014). Fixed Formats of Test Items of the Imperial Examination in Qing Dynasty,

  3. Fanhua,Jianxing.Liu(2014).The Research on the Scholarship System for the Graduate Student's Psychological Motivation-Based on the Case study of Xiamen University,

  4. Fanhua (2012).The Relationship between the Student-Teacher Ratio and Quality of University in the Process of Higher Education Popularization: From the World’s First-class University,

  5. Fanhua(2009).The Imperil Examination—just like the Roll of Chinese Ink and Wash the impressions of Ships,Swords and the Imperil Examination written by Liu Haifeng,

National Funded Research Projects

  1. National Social Science Foundation of China Education Science Program, The western project (2019). Research on the construction of interdisciplinary cultivation model of world-class undergraduate education

  2. The Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education of China Project (2018). Monitoring report on undergraduate quality construction of first-class universities in China Provincial Scientific Research Funding

  3. Yunnan Province "Twelfth Five-year" Education Science Planning Project (2016). Research on the implementation path of first-class discipline construction in regional high-level universities