Huili Tang

Job title: 
Associate Professor
Business English
Xi'An International Studies University, China

Huili TANG is an Associate Professor of Business English and former Chair of the Business English Department at Xi'an International Studies University, China. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Brigham Young University. With a longstanding commitment to excellence in teaching, her academic pursuits are deeply rooted in the enhancement of foreign language education, specifically in the realms of Business English and cross-cultural communication. She has been at the forefront of pedagogical innovation, leading five provincial and institutional educational reform projects. Her scholarly work is well recognized, with 21 papers published in national and international journals. She has co-authored two national-level planned textbooks on Business English, showcasing her expertise and contribution to the field. Her commitment to education and student development has been acknowledged through 22 “Outstanding Teaching” awards at the institutional, provincial, and national levels, and she has successfully supervised Business English students in various national competitions, earning the “Outstanding Mentor” title six times.

Her current research projects focus on undergraduate research engagement and the educational experience of Business English undergraduate students.

Research interests: 

Student Experience in Higher Education, Business Education, Business English Education, Cross-Cultural Business Communication and Management