Juan Xu

Job title: 
Assistant Professor

Juan Xu is currently a Visiting Scholar at Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE), UC Berkeley. She is also working as associate professor of Public Management at Northwest University in China. Her research focuses on higher education economic impact and policy. Xu works on benefits and costs of higher education under uncertainty, assessment of the coordination between competitiveness of higher education and economic, and research questions pertaining to emerging technologies and government subsidies in higher education.

Her most recent research focuses on the impact of higher education quality on labor market under the rapid increase of higher education enrollment in China.

Xu has published dozens of papers; in higher education such as The Scientific Research Competitiveness of Chinese Universities (Journal of Fudan Education Forum), An Evaluation of Relative Input-Output Efficiency of Research in Higher Education of China (Journal of Tsinghua Education) which has been cited more than 70 times. Xu has also written the book of Emerging Technology and Subsidy Policy (published by the Shaanxi Science and Technology Press) and a series of Blue Book Reports: China Competitiveness and Public Policy (with Qizi Zhang, published by the Social Sciences Literature Press).

Xu received her B.A. in Management Information System from Fudan University, her M.A. in economics from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Ph.D. in economics from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Xu Juan




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