Marian Gade

Job title: 
Former CSHE Deputy Director, Clark Kerr Associate

Marian Gade serves as Secretary of the UC Retirees’ Association at Berkeley (UCRAB) and as one of its representatives on the UC Berkeley Retirement Center Advisory Board. She also served 5 years as chair of the statewide Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA).

Marian was a Research Associate with UC President Emeritus Clark Kerr for 35 years both with the University and through other sources. Together they worked on a variety of projects, mainly involving studies of college and university governance, finance, and history. She assisted with the research, organization, and editing of his two-volume set of memoirs of his years as Berkeley Chancellor and UC president. For the last two years of her employment, Marian was also Deputy Director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education.

Marian is active both organizationally and playing/singing music with the San Francisco Folk Music Club. She is a 60+ year Girl Scout, a former president of the SF Bay area council. Marian is a former whitewater kayaker and kayaking trainer. Other long-time interests and activities include being a ham radio operator involved in west Contra Costa County emergency preparedness efforts.