Oliver Wieczorek

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Oliver Wieczorek is a Ph.D. Candidate at University of Bamberg (Germany). He is currently working on his research project “Unintended Side-Effects of Performance-Measurements in Science,”  supervised by Professor Richard Münch, and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. His research aims to provide a theoretical, methodological and empirical foundation to explain and understand unintended effects of performance measurements on elite formation, research diversity, and inequality among universities in UK and USA from 1980 to 2015. His doctoral thesis focuses on Postdoctoral Researchers and Ph.D. students in the US, and whether effects on the macro level (network effects, status inequalities, funding opportunities), meso level (departments and academic socialization), or micro level (norms, cooperation/competition), cause scholars to quit their research endeavors.

His research interests comprise Sociology of Science, Sociological Theory, Media- and Internet Sociology, Transnational Sociology and Quantitative as well as Qualitative Methodology.

Publications in the Field of Higher Education


  • Heiberger, Heiko and Oliver Wieczorek (2016): Choosing Collaboration Partners. How Scientific Success Depends on Network Positions. Paper submitted to Social Networks.
  • Heimann, Christiane and Oliver Wieczorek (2016): The Role of Arguments and Institutions in Creating a Common European Labour Market – Exemplified by Spanish labour migration to Germany. In Revision for International Migration.
  • Wieczorek Oliver, Stephanie Beyer and Richard Münch (2016): Fief and Benefice Feudalism. Two Types of Academic Autonomy in US Chemistry. In Revision for Higher Education.


  • Wieczorek, Oliver and Len Ole Schäfer (2016): Verwaltungspraktiken – Konstruktion von Leistungsindikatoren am Beispiel des britischen Research Assessment Exercise. [The Effect of Management Practices on Performance Indicators: The Example of the British Research Assessment Exercise]. In: Bauer, Nina, Christina Besio, Maria Norkus and Grit Petschick (Hg.): Wissen – Organisation – Forschungspraxis. Der Makro – Meso – Mikro – Link in der Wissenschaft [Knowledge – Organization – Research Practice. The Macro – Meso – Micro – Link in academia]. VS-Verlag: Wiesbaden. In print.


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