Qun Xie

Job title: 

Qun Xie is currently a visiting scholar at the Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley. She is a professor and has worked as Director of Development Policies & Planning Office in the Shanghai University of Electric Power from 2007 to 2017.

Qun Xie holds a PhD in higher education pedagogy from East China Normal University. Her research is focused on higher education studies, educational policy, educational administration and development, and Institutional Research. She has presided over lots of national, provincial and city level research projects, including projects of National Education Planning, Shanghai Education Planning, Shanghai Education Commission Planning, Shanghai Association of Higher Education, and published many papers in core journals.  

During her year as a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley Center for Studies in Higher Education, Qun Xie wishes to study Institutional Research based on the University Decision Support System. The proposed research plan is to study the experience of institutional researches in the United States and its reference to China's higher education institutions management. Along with her ongoing national education planning project, Qun Xie hopes to track and study American higher education resources allocation policy.


The proposed research is planned to study the experience and lessons of institutional researches in the United States and its reference to China higher education institutions management. The study will adopt the combination of theory building and empirical research method, documentary induction and case analysis. Through learning the basic ideas, analytical framework and operational mechanism, decision-support system architecture and its application, the research aims to put forward constructive suggestions for China’s higher education administration.

The intended study is to address the following research questions: 

  1. Relevant theory and development history toward construction of decision support system in universities in the US;
  2. Basic ideas, analytical framework and operational mechanism, decision support system architecture and its application;
  3. Case analysis of American universities’ decision support system;
  4. Put forward constructive suggestions for Chinese universities in the construction of decision support system, Especially local colleges and universities in Shanghai.
Qun Xie



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