Ronald L. Huesman

Job title: 
Principal Researcher - SERU Consortium, University of Minnesota

Dr. Ronald L. Huesman, Jr. (Ron) is a CSHE Research Associate and the Managing Director of the Student Experience in the Research University-Association of American Universities Consortium (SERU-AAU).  SERU-AAU is an academic and policy research partnership between the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California – Berkeley and the University of Minnesota.  The SERU-AAU consortium is a group of leading research extensive universities in the United States made up of researchers and scholars who collaborate to generate institutional, comparative, and longitudinal data on student experience in research universities.

In his role as the SERU-AAU Managing Director Ron has broad responsibilities for overall project and budget management of the consortium. He leads SERU-AAU survey content and design, develops psychometric research and reports, and oversees and implements SERU-AAU policies and procedures.

Ron earned a Ph.D. in Educational Measurement and Statistics from the University of Iowa and is currently the Director of Institutional Assessment at the University of Minnesota. In that capacity he works collaboratively with many diverse units (e.g. Student and Academic Affairs) to design research studies, collect data, provide analysis, and report results to  inform campus assessment efforts, policy development, and decision making.  He works closely with other institutions to develop comparable data for benchmarking purposes. His area of focus is the use of data and analysis for making informed decisions that support the University’s strategic mission of providing an exceptional student experience.

Selected Papers and Presentations

Stebleton, M. J., Soria, K. M., & Huesman, R. L. (2014). First-generation Students’ Sense of Belonging, Mental Health, and Use of Counseling Services at Public Research Universities. Journal of College Counseling, 17(1), 6-20.

Soria, K. M., Stebleton, M. J., & Huesman, R. L. (2013-2014). Class Counts: Exploring Differences in Academic and Social Integration between Working-class and Middle/upper-class students at Large, Public Research Universities. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory, and Practice, 15(2), 215-242.

Stebleton, M. J., Soria, K. M., & Huesman, R. L. (2014). Recent Immigrant Students at Research Universities: The Relationship between Campus Climate and Sense of Belonging. Journal of College Student Development, 55(2), 196-202.

Wambach, C. and Huesman, Jr.,  R. L (2013). Unique Student Populations: Classifying Students and Describing Their Needs and Outcomes.  In G. McLaughlin, R. Howard, J. McLaughlin, & W.E. Knight (Eds.), Building Bridges for Student Success: A Sourcebook for Colleges and Universities (pp. 215-238  in part 2). Norman, OK: Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange.

Furco, A.,, Jones-White, D., Huesman, R.L., and Gorny, L. (2012, May). Developing a Model of the Influence of Service-Learning on Academic and Social Gains with the SERU Survey. Paper presented at the 6th Annual SERU Research Symposium, Berkeley, CA.

Furco, A., Huesman, R.L., Jones-White, D. and Soria, K. (2011, November). Community-Engaged Learning and Academic Gains in College. Presentation at the International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE), Chicago, IL.

Wambach, C. and Huesman, R. L. (2011, May). Assessing the Impact of a First-Year Learning Community for Less-Prepared and Well-Prepared Students at a Research University.  Paper presented at the meeting of the Annual Association of Institutional Research Forum, Toronto, Canada.

Soria, K. and Huesman, R.L. (2011, May). First-Generation Students’ Academic and Social Engagement at Large, Public Research Universities. Paper presented at the meeting of the Annual Association of Institutional Research Forum, Toronto, Canada.



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Michael J. Stebleton; Ronald L. Huesman; Aliya Kuzhabekova
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS), 2010