Wei Kang

Job title: 
Associate Professor


1999-2003:   B. A. in English Language & Literature at Xi’an International Studies University, Shaan’xi, China

2010-2013:   M. Ed. in Curriculum Design and Teaching Assessment at Xi’an International Studies University, Shaan’xi, China

Teaching Experience in Xi’an International Studies University

2012-present: Higher Education Evaluation and Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

2003-present:  Integrated English, Extensive Reading, Oral English, and Listening

Major Publications

1.Kang, W. (2015). The Connotation and Evaluation of Critical Thinking Training in American Universities and Its Implications for Chinese Universities. Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University Journal, (3), 66-70.

2. Kang, W., & Hai, C.H. (2013). The Influence of Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety on Participation of English Majors in Teaching Activities. Shaanxi Education, (9), 34-36.

3. Kang, W. (2013). The Analysis of Faculty Participation in Curriculum Design. Statistics and Management, (1), 23-25.

4. Kang, W. (2010). A Comparative Study on the Higher Education Evaluation System between China and the United States. China Adult Education, (4) 91-92.

5. Kang, W. (2010). The Analysis of English Grammatical Error Correction. Journal of Teaching and Management, (3), 69-70.

Translation of the Article

1. Banta, T. W., Griffin, M., Flateby, T. L., & Kahn, S. (2009). Three Promising Alternatives for Assessing College Students’ Knowledge and Skills. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

2. Hutchings, P. (2010). Opening Doors to Faculty Involvement in Assessment. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

3. Jankowski, N. A., & Provezis, S. J. (2011). Making Student Learning Evidence Transparent: The State of the Art. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

4. Kuh, G., & Ikenberry, S. (2009). More Than You Think, Less Than We Need: Learning Outcomes Assessment in American Higher Education. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

5. Kuh, G.D., Jankowski, N., Ikenberry, S.O., & Kinzie, J. (2014). Knowing What Students Know and Can Do: The Current State of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in U.S. Colleges and Universities. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

6. Schuh, J. H. & Gansemer-Topf, A. M. (2010). The Role of Student Affairs in Student Learning Assessment. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

7. Volkwein, J.F. (2011). The Role of Institutional Research in Assessing Student Outcomes and Demonstrating Institutional Effectiveness. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

Research Projects

1. Evaluation of Learning Outcomes of English Majors in Universities.

2. Research on Foreign Language Education Innovation of Undergraduate Education Quality Assurance in America Universities.

3. Research on Young University Faculty Professional Development Model.

4. Research on Metacognitive Strategy in English Writing Teaching.

5. A Comparative Study of Primary and Secondary School Training Policy for Collaborative Innovation

6. Effective Teaching Model of English for Speical Purpose-ESP Research Method. 




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