Zsófia Kräussl

Job title: 
Research Scientist in Finance & Technology and Study Director
Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance University Luxembourg
Zsófia Kräussl is holding and maintaining a diverse, interdisciplinary academic profile. She obtained her PhD in information systems management and requirements engineering in 2011, and has been specializing her research interest in digital innovation across different domains ever since. Her main research activities relate to Digital Finance. Her main focus is on investigating valuation fundamentals, as well as the socio-economic and performance effects of data as an emerging asset class. Her empirical cases relate to credit risk assessment of households, to the enhancing effect of digitisation on default prediction, and to the debt management competences of households. Her works have been published in different conference proceedings and journals.
Zsófia is also a dedicated lecturer and educator. She designed and set up a 1-year long MSc study programme in Digital Finance, where she is currently lecturing. Inspired by the years' of experience as a lecturer and curriculum designer, she dedicates her time at CSHE to develop and to further refine her research project on curriculum design in higher education, accessing and analysing the performance effects of different exogenous factors that lead to study programme design and to concrete curriculum development at universities.