Research Associate

Zach Bleemer

PhD Candidate in Economics, Team Leader of Cliometrics Project

Zach Bleemer is a Research Associate at the Center of Studies of Higher Education, where he directs the UC ClioMetric History Project. He is also a PhD candidate in Economics and a National Academy of Education / Spencer Dissertation Fellow at UC Berkeley.

Tongshan Chang

Senior Researcher - SERU Consortium, UCOP

Tongshan Chang is Director of Institutional Research and Academic Planning at the University of California (UC) Office of the President and Consultant of UC Systemwide Academic Senate Committees on the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS) and Preparatory Education (UCOPE).

Rahul Choudaha

Senior Researcher - SERU Consortium

Dr. Rahul Choudaha is a Senior Researcher affiliated with the SERU Consortium. As a scholar-practitioner, Choudaha’s applied research focuses on mobility, experiences and enrollment of international students and its implications for internationalization and global engagement strategies. He has worked for nearly 15 years in global education services organizations and held cross-functional leadership roles including Executive Vice President at Studyportals and Chief Knowledge Officer at World Education Services.

Karin Fischer

Research Associate
ROPS Editor and Series Director

Karin Fischer is a journalist who focuses on higher education. Her primary area of focus is international education, including American colleges' activities overseas, study abroad, the globalization of the college experience, and international-student recruitment.

Grace Ufuk Taneri

Research Associate - Research University Going Global
Grace Ufuk Taneri is a Senior Executive, Consultant, and Professor of Mathematics in multicultural and global higher education institutions, applying more than 20 years of experience to  academic, administrative and operational management, pioneering establishments, multicultural and diverse campus development, strategic planning, international accreditations, local and international communications  with Ministries, Governments, Higher Education Institutions,  and accreditation bodies, faculty, staff, and student recruitment, development, performance, satisfaction and retention, instituti

Margaret Heisel

Senior Associate

University of California Office of the President
March 2016 - March 2017

Cécile Hoareau

Research Associate - Research University Going Global

Cecile Hoareau McGrath is a CSHE Research Associate and an analyst at RAND Europe. She previously worked as a project leader at the University of Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology, as well as with various public policy consultancies.

McGrath's interests lie in comparative education policies, particularly higher education. In 2012, she completed a comparative study of higher education policies across Europe. She also contributed to a European Commission project on university-business cooperation in North America.

Olena Horner

Research Associate - SERU Consortium, University of Minnesota

Ronald L. Huesman

Principal Researcher - SERU Consortium, University of Minnesota

Dr. Ronald L. Huesman, Jr.

James A. Hyatt, M.B.A.

Senior Research Associate, Vice Chancellor for Budget & Finance and CFO Emeritus, Former Associate Director, Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley

James A. Hyatt is a Senior Research Associate and Principal Investigator at the Center for Studies in Higher Education. He has extensive experience both as a senior level executive at a number of the nation’s major research universities, including UC Berkeley, the University of Maryland, College Park, University of Arizona, and Virginia Tech, and as a principal investigator on externally funded research projects in the areas of higher education financial management, financial reporting, pension reform and campus safety and security. From 2008-2010 Mr.