Special Issue: Opportunities and Challenges for California Higher Education

Editor's Introduction

In early 2023, John Douglass and I discussed the possibility of selectively expanding the scope and reach of ROPS authorship beyond the CSHE community for the first time in its twenty-five-year history. The most fruitful way ahead, we thought, would be to invite contributions organized around a special thematic issue: as of this publication, the third such special issue published by ROPS (the first two in October and November 2023). For this Special Issue, we wanted to take stock of higher education in California. As we wrote in the Call for Papers in April 2023:  

As we approach the quarter-point mark of the 21st century, ROPS invites contributions that reflect on the changing landscape of public higher education in California. This special issue aims to understand current trends in California higher education from the perspective of faculty, staff, administrative leaders, and policymakers; and reflect on the opportunities and challenges that lie in the decades ahead. We welcome papers across a breadth of substantive areas and academic disciplines, as long as they speak to the critical issues facing California higher education today.

We were pleasantly surprised to receive a number of excellent submissions from scholars and practitioners across California. The final set of seven papers that form this special issue underwent double-blind peer review and span the boundaries of research and practice; two-year and four-year; public and private; and policy and administration. This breadth of topic reflects the diversity of challenges and opportunities for higher education in realizing its democratic ideals. We invite you to consider each paper, which stands on its own as an interesting contribution, and to contemplate the Special Issue as a whole, illuminating some of the paths forward for California higher education.  

Amal Kumar

ROPS Editor 

June 4, 2024

Special Issue: Opportunities and Challenges for California Higher Education

Device Ownership, Digital Equity, and Postsecondary student Success(link is external) by Kate Berkley, Joseph I. Castro. and Shadman Uddin. CSHE 3. 2024 (June 2024)

Parenting in a Pandemic: Understanding the Challenges Faced by California Community College Students and Actionable Recommendations for Policy (link is external)by Dulcemonica Delgadillo, Norma Hernandez, Margarita Jimenez-Silva, and Ruth Luevanos. CSHE. 4. 2024 (June 2024)

Moving Beyond #Governancesowhite: (Re)Imagining a Demographic Shift in the Future of Boards of Higher Education(link is external) by Valeria G. Dominguez, Carlos A. Galan and Raquel M. Rall. CSHE. 5. 2024 (June 2024)

Mapping Organization Support and Collective Action: Towards a Model for Advancing Racial Equity in Community College(link is external) by Eric R. Felix, Ángel de Jesus González, and Elijah J. Felix. CSHE. 6. 2024 (June 2024)

Reform and Reaction: The Politics of Modern Higher Education Policy (link is external)by David O'Brien. CSHE. 7. 2024 (June 2024)

Talent Pipeline for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: How California PaCE Units Can Bridge Cirital KSA Gaps(link is external) by Tyler Reeb, Chris Swarat and Barbara Taylor. CHSE. 8. 2024 (June 2024)

Working Towards An Equitable Future in California Dual Enrollment Programs(link is external) by Rogelio Salazar. CSHE. 9. 2024 (June 2024)

Publication date: 
June 10, 2024
Publication type: 
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS)