Higher Education Governance and Finance

During the last several decades, both public and private universities have experienced sharp declines in their traditional sources of support. Public universities have experienced declining support from both state and federal sources. Many private universities have seen declining enrollments and consequently reduced tuition and fee revenues. Increasing costs in the areas of fringe benefits and pension obligations have also had a negative impact on operating costs.

The Center has initiated a number of projects to address these issues including a national study on Pension Reform in Public Higher Education. This study, supported by a grant from the Fidelity Corporation, examined how states, university systems and institutions have addressed the issue of adequately funding their pension obligations. Another study supported by the College Futures Foundation examined Trends in Benefit Costs at the University of California and California State University System. A current study is examining the Impact of Cost Drivers and Alternative Funding Strategies at Colleges and Universities.

The nature of governance in higher education has also undergone significant changes. The impact of university systems and the desirability of alternative governance has been the focus of several studies conducted by the Center.

Current Research Projects:

Pension Reform in Higher Education

Cost Drivers and Alternative Funding Strategies in Higher Education

Employee Benefit Costs at the University of California and California State University System 

University Governance