Tenure: Past, Present, and Future

Tenure graphic

Webinar | June 28 | 12:30pm -1:30pm PT | Livestream

Tenure in U.S. higher education has often been a controversial policy but has endured because of its important contributions to the protection of academic freedom. In this webinar, hear of the circumstances that contributed to development of the concept of tenure; recent developments in tenure practices, including those related to diversity/equity/inclusion and accommodations related to family care; and thoughts on the future of tenure given today's challenges.

Hans-Joerg Tiede is Director of Research at the American Association of University Professors. He conducts survey research on academic freedom, tenure, and governance. He has also written on the history of the AAUP and the development of academic freedom, tenure, and governance in the United States. He is the editor of Policy Documents and Reports (the AAUP “Redbook”) and author of University Reform: The Founding of the American Association of University Professors (both Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015).