Is 'Tuition-Free' a Good Idea?

Lecture | October 21 | 9 - 10:00 a.m. | YouTube

The cost of higher education and resulting student debt has become a serious national issue.  While it certainly is an important issue,  proposals for federal investment raise many questions and do not address equally important concerns such as the student drop-out problem or the question of student learning outcomes.  Resources lost in public higher education since 2008 have strained higher education finances in numerous ways, requiring strategic investment of new funding. This panel will discuss these questions, drawing upon panelists’ experience and research on the issues of student success among all socioeconomic levels and appropriate types and levels support of universities. 

Moderator: George Blumenthal, Director, Center for Studies in Higher Education

Speakers: Chancellor Carol Christ, Chancellor, University of California Berkeley and former CSHE Director

David Kirp, Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy