November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 - After some five years of discussion and development, the Student Experience in Research University (SERU) Consortium based at the Center has launched a new SERU Graduate Student Survey. The new survey was developed in collaboration with SERU AAU and International partners, with a lead role by the University of Minnesota.  The Survey is currently being piloted at the University of Virginia and the University of Minnesota, and will likely be administered at three or more SERU International Member universities. The SERU Consortium continues to refine and develop the SERU Undergraduate Survey (UCUES). SERU campuses help to further develop survey instruments, share data under agreed protocols, share best practices and collaborate in research that, in turn, informs SERU member campuses and SERU survey development.

CSHE will hold a major SERU Research Symposium on June 8 and 9, 2014 on the UC Berkeley campus for SERU AAU and International Member campuses.

In other SERU news, the Consortium continues to attract new, top-tier research-intensive universities to its membership and is nearing completion of an important reorganization in management of survey administration. Coordinated by CSHE Senior Research Fellow and SERU co-founding Principal Researcher John Douglass, CSHE recently completed formal agreements with the University of Minnesota to administer and manage survey administration among the SERU AAU Member campuses; and a parallel management agreement with International Graduate Insight Group, Ltd, an organization based in London with extensive international experience in survey administration. Dr. Ron Huesman is now the SERU AAU Managing Director, and Dr. Igor Chirikov is the SERU International Managing Director.

Campus membership in the US is restricted to AAU members and internationally to top research-intensive universities, and is based on the recommendation of current members. The global landscape of higher education is quickly changing and SERU, in its various forms, offers a unique and focused window for comparative institutional analysis and research, and networking possibilities. For more information, see the SERU website.


Igor Chirikov – SERU-International Managing Director |

Ron Huesman – SERU-AAU Managing Director |

John Aubrey Douglass – CSHE SERU Principal Researcher |