Research Report on College Food Security Led by CSHE New Director Jesse Rothstein


Filling the Gap: CalFresh Eligibility Among University of California and California Community College Students by California Policy Lab (CPL).

The report estimates the number of University of California (UC) and California Community College (CCC) students who are potentially eligible to receive CalFresh benefits, and of that group, how many students received CalFresh benefits in the Fall of 2019. 

According to CPL, this report is "the first of its kind to link college enrollment and financial aid application data and then compare it to CalFresh eligibility rules in order to create more precise estimates of how many students are likely eligible for CalFresh. The researchers calculated that in the Fall of 2019, 16% of all CCC students were likely eligible for CalFresh, compared to 31% of UC undergraduate students, and 6% of UC graduate students. The lower eligibility rate for community college students is largely due to more of these students living with their parents – which makes them less likely to qualify."

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Publication date: 
July 8, 2024
Publication type: 
News Article