Pension Reform in Higher Education

The Center is undertaking a major study of pension reform in higher education. A primary objective of this project will be to identify and document major changes to retirement and post-retirement benefit programs at colleges and universities. Areas encompassed by the project include: the manner in which programs are funded; the types of programs and benefits offered (such as defined benefit or defined contribution programs); and whether health benefits are an employer and/or employee-funded component of retirement programs.

The project, through its survey component, will collect valuable baseline data as to the benefits and costs of various programs both to participants and employers and how these programs are administered. Various decision and management structures such as institutional compensation committees will also be examined. The project will highlight the processes used by institutions to restructure these programs, including employee involvement. The project will also highlight innovative approaches to restructuring retirement and post-retirement benefit programs at both the state and institutional level.

The principal investigator for this project is James A. Hyatt, Senior Research Associate at the Center and Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance and CFO Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley.