Our Program

The Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) invites a small number of leaders and scholars who are pursuing research projects in higher education to visit UC Berkeley. We welcome applications from scholars interested in higher education issues from all over the world.

Privileges and Responsibilities

If accepted, you will enjoy full access to UC Berkeley’s libraries and electronic resources and will receive a University e-mail account for the duration of your stay.  

You are encouraged to participate in the Center's scholarly life and programs, which include a large number of talks, seminars, and conferences throughout the academic year. The Center will pair you with a faculty sponsor, and you will contribute an article to our Research and Occasional Paper Series.  We strongly encourage you to give a talk as part of our Fall or Spring Colloquium series.

We also offer use of our kitchen (with complimentary tea and coffee), limited administrative assistance, photocopying privileges, and limited use of our conference meeting space.  Depending on availability, you may be provided with a desk in a shared office. We do not provide a computer or a phone, nor do we provide assistance in obtaining housing.

Application Review

Applicants are chosen on the strength of their research projects and the ability of the Center and the Berkeley campus to meet their research needs. CSHE will review applications twice a year, and we ask for Scholars to arrive during the fall or spring academic semesters.

  • For arrival during the fall semester (August-December):  apply by February 1st
  • For arrival during the spring semester (January-May):  apply by June 1st
  • For arrival 12+ months in the future: you may apply by either deadline

Note:  the J-1 visa approval process may take up to 6 months.  Carefully review the requirements for J-1 visa applicants.

Application Procedures

E-mail complete applications to cshe@berkeley.edu.  A complete application consists of your letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and project proposal.  

If you are a Ph.D. candidate, or a professional/non-faculty member, you are required to submit 2-3 letters of reference.

Requirements for the letter of interest:

  • Addressed to George Blumenthal, Director, CSHE
  • Proposed dates of visit (e.g., February 1, 2017 - May 15, 2017)
  • Funding sources
  • How you learned of the Center, and why you wish to pursue your research here
  • Whether you are in contact with any of the Center’s members
  • If applicable, who you wish to work with at the Center

Requirements for the project proposal:

  • 3-5 pages in length
  • Title (accurately reflecting the content of your research project)
  • Purpose of the proposed study (what you hope to learn and the final outcome)
  • Background and justification (the rationale and need for your research, how it relates to or builds on other work in the field, whether its scope is specific to particular countries)
  • Project plan (the break down of your tasks, your timeline for completion, how you will accomplish your research, etc.)
  • Qualifications and experience (a brief account of your specific experiences and qualifications for this project)
  • Bibliography/reference list

Fee Structure

Visiting Scholars must provide their own funding either through grants, sabbatical salaries, Fulbright awards, or personal funds.

Faculty members holding a Ph.D. are classified as Academic Scholars, Ph.D. candidates are classified as Student Researchers, and non-faculty professionals are classified as Non-Academic Scholars.  

CSHE Affiliation Fees

Student Researchers:

  • $700 (6 months or less)
  • $1400 (6 months or more)

Academic Scholars:

  • $1,350 (6 months or less)
  • $2,700 (6 months or more)

Non-Academic Scholars:

  • $2,600 (6 months or less)
  • $5,200 (6 months or more)
Other Fees

All Scholars must pay a $750 University services fee. More information

Foreign Scholars requiring a visa must pay a $540 J-1 visa services fee. More information

You must provide proof of health insurance, which may carry additional fees. More information

If you are an international applicant, you are responsible for fees to the US federal government. More information


Please address questions to cshe@berkeley.edu

Helpful Links

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We review applications twice a year.


  • Fall arrival: February 1st
  • Spring arrival: June 1st

E-mail applications and questions to George Blumenthal at: