Associates focus on:

Name Job title Role Research interests
Dorothy Leland, Ph.D. Chancellor Emerita (2019), University of California, Merced – Merced, California; Former President, Georgia College and State University – Milledgeville, Georgia Associates, ELA Advisory Board
Richard J. Edelstein Senior Research Associate Associates

International strategies of universities, branch campuses, global competence or citizenship myth or reality?, foreign language study and the undergraduate curriculum, universities as organizations

Marian Gade Former CSHE Deputy Director, Clark Kerr Associate Associates
Saul Geiser Senior Associate Associates

University Admissions
Racial Equity
Standardized Testing
Higher Education Policy
University of California

Diane Harley, Ph.D. Retired Senior Researcher Associates
Amal Kumar Research Associate and Associate Editor, ROPS Associates

Public higher education policy, with a focus on the role of organizational and policy actors in creating, maintaining, and disrupting institutionalized policies and practices.

Karen Merritt Senior Associate University History Associates
Brian Murphy President Emeritus De Anza College Associates
Patricia A. Pelfrey Senior Research Associate Emerita Associates
Xia Teng Former Senior Associate for the Berkeley Institute on Higher Education Associates
Ami Zusman Former Coordinator of Graduate Education Planning & Analysis, University of California system, UCOP Associates

Graduate education, University of California, higher education policy, state policy and politics in higher education