Takuya Kimura

Job title: 
Professor, Ph.D, Kyushu University, Japan
Takuya KIMURA is a Japanese Sociologist of Education. He hold Ph.D in Educational Planning from Tohoku University . He is a professor at Kyushu University and the National Center for University Entrance Examinations. He is also the founder and president of Japan Association of College and University Admissions Profession (JACUAP). He holds M.A. in Educational Philosophy from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Tokyo.
He has served as Assistant Professor at Kyoto University, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at Nagasaki University, Associate Professor at Kyushu University, and Visiting Associate Professor at Nagoya University. In 2021, he published Visualization of Learning Outcomes and Internal Quality Assurance: Challenges of Japanese IR (co-edited with Reiko Yamada, in Japanese, Tamagawa University Press). In 2022, he translated Conditions for Admission, Access, Equity, and the Social Contract by John A. Douglass into Japanese  (Kyushu University Press). He has received the Japan Association for Research on Testing Paper Award (twice), the Japan Society of Educational Sociology Paper Award, and the Tachi Tadasu Award from the International Society for Education.
Research interests: 

Test Theory, Admission System, Higher Education System