Tongshan Chang

Job title: 
Senior Researcher - SERU Consortium, UCOP

Tongshan Chang is Director of Institutional Research and Academic Planning at the University of California (UC) Office of the President and Consultant of UC Systemwide Academic Senate Committees on the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS) and Preparatory Education (UCOPE). He is SERU (Student Experience in the Research University) Senior Researcher at the Center for Studies in Higher Education at UC Berkeley, voluntarily assisting the SERU leadership and principal investigators in recruiting Chinese institutions and conducting comparative research using the SERU-International Consortium data.  

Tongshan received his bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Shaanxi Normal University (SHU) in China, and three master’s degrees in Educational Psychology from SHU, Higher Education Administration and Computer Science both from West Virginia University (WVU), respectively. He earned his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a minor in Statistics from WVU.

Dr. Chang has advanced skills of SAS programming and data analytics. He is a subject-matter expert in undergraduate admissions and survey research. His research covers a broad range of topics, including student learning outcomes assessment, student experience, undergraduate admissions, diversity, student success, graduate student well-being, and higher education data warehouse development.

He is Adjunct Professor at Tongji University and Xi’an Foreign Language Studies University in China and serves as a member on the Board of College Entrance Examination Research at Peking University and the Undergraduate Education Quality Review Expert Group of the Ministry of Education in China.

Tongshan also taught in high school and managed the educational projects funded by the World Bank in Shaanxi Province, China. He was the past chair of Overseas Chinese Association for Institutional Research and Treasurer of California Association for Institutional Research.



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