A New Approach to Analyzing University Prestige and Internal Resource Allocation: Geometric Interpretations and Implications, by Yasumi Abe and Satoshi P. Watanabe


The content of this paper is based solely on the original study reported in Abe and Watanabe (2012a) in which the authors develop a structured and innovative theory of optimal resource allocation and prestige maximization for an institution of higher education. Although the study provides a sound diagnostic framework and unambiguous results, the paper requires relatively advanced knowledge of mathematics and microeconomic theory, which presents an unattractive feature for students and researchers in academic disciplines that do not necessarily incorporate such analytical methodologies. The primary objective of this paper is placed on presenting some of the theoretical findings demonstrated in Abe and Watanabe (2012a) and the significance of their implications, without sacrificing the original intent of the study, to an audience of non-mathematical users. In doing so, particular emphasis is placed on geometric interpretations and implications rather than reiterating the results with heavy reliance on specialized knowledge of mathematics and economics. Thus, this paper is designed with the aim of conveying informative insights and enhancing solid understanding of the new analytical approach proposed by the authors to a broader audience of students and scholars whose research interests cover the cost effectiveness in financing higher education institutions.

Publication date: 
June 1, 2012
Publication type: 
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS)
A NEW APPROACH TO ANALYZING UNIVERSITY PRESTIGE AND INTERNALRESOURCE ALLOCATION: Geometric Interpretations and Implications by Yasumi Abe and Satoshi P. Watanabe. CSHE.8.12 (June 2012)