University Teaching as E-Business? Research and Policy Agendas


After reviewing the transcripts of the meeting, we decided that their high quality warrantedasking individual authors and respondents to review and revise their contributions in lightof the discussions. The results of their efforts form the basis of this collection. Althoughboth they and we have done significant editing of the original transcripts, we did notattempt to force the papers into one editorial style; rather, each represents the style andperspective of its author. Some authors chose to rework their talks into formal papers, andsome authors chose the extemporaneous tone that emerged on the transcripts. In some cases,authors also integrated the Q&A sessions into their talks.Finally, although I have not created a formal summary of the October meetings, I prepared apaper shortly thereafter which draws on our discussions, and which reflects much of what Ilearned from the interactions, in addition to my own research. An abstract and the full paperare included as the conclusion to this publication.

Diane Harley
Michael Goldstein
Sally Johnstone
Peter Lyman
Roger Geiger
Hal Abelson
Vijay Kumar
Robert Lapiner
Phillip B. Stark
Geoffrey Cox
Andy DiPaolo
Julius Zalmanowitz
Kurt Larson
Publication date: 
June 26, 2002
Publication type: 
Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS)
Harley, D., Matkin, G., Goldstein, M., Johnstone, S., Lyman, P., Geiger, R., et al. (2002). University Teaching as E-Business? Research and Policy Agendas. UC Berkeley: Center for Studies in Higher Education.