Amal Kumar

Job title: 
Research Associate and Associate Editor, ROPS

Amal Kumar is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) and a Research Associate at the Center for Studies in Higher Education. His research, at the intersection of higher education governance and organizational theory, studies how academic and public policy leaders make sense of and resolve competing goals, values, and organizational identities within the normative, structural, and political constraints of higher education governance. His current research explores the ways in which the organizational identities of universities and higher education intermediaries, and the ways in which those identities are or are not verified and validated by their external stakeholders, can create frictions in state governance of higher education. He is also interested in exploring the ways in which debates about the public good in higher education can create, reify, and dismantle higher education structures that reproduce racial and class privilege. Amal holds a Ph.D. in Education from Harvard University, a master’s degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Spanish from Georgetown University.

Research interests: 

Public higher education policy, with a focus on the role of organizational and policy actors in creating, maintaining, and disrupting institutionalized policies and practices.