New Nationalism and Universities: Global Perspectives on Politics and Policy and the Future of Higher Education

The Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) commemorated its 60th Anniversary with a two-day international conference on November 16 and 17, 2017 at the iconic UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California. 

CSHE alumni and affiliated researchers, along with leading scholars and practitioners from throughout the world, explored the influence of nationalism, old and new versions, on major national universities in different regions of the globe.

The conference addressed the following questions:

  • To what extent is nationalism, in its emerging form, a countervailing force to the international engagement of leading national universities?
  • With the rise of nationalism, how are leading national universities reshaping their roles in specific regions of the world? How are their activities and role in society being restricted?
  • Are there concepts, policies, alliances and influence that universities and their political allies might formulate to help promote the free flow of talent, collaborations, and ideas that characterize the best leading national flagship universities?

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In addition, CSHE and the Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Consortium ran a Graduate Student Experience Workshop on November 15, 2017 that featured recent data and analysis from the gradSERU survey.

John Aubrey Douglass
Conference Chair
CSHE, University of California Berkeley