Celebrate Big Give with CSHE on March 8!

March 6, 2018

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Celebrate Big Give with CSHE on March 8! 

We invite you to celebrate UC Berkeley's Big Give, our annual online fundraising event, by supporting the Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) this Thursday March 8, 2018! Click here to make a contribution

A Brief History
Established in 1957 with funding from the Carnegie Corporation as the world's first research and policy institute devoted to the comprehensive study of higher education, the Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) is a multi-disciplinary research center that has had a major impact on scholarship and policy. CSHE supports a scholarly forum for policy analysis in higher education, and is engaged in a growing program of research on higher education policy development and implementation. We provide a unique campus setting where faculty, administrators, and research fellows and policymakers can openly discuss complex problems, long-range strategies, and future visions outside the immediate sphere of decision-making and conflict.  

Current Programs and Research Areas

Center activities include research projectsseminars and conferences, the Executive Leadership Academy program, and a visiting scholars program. Center publications include the Research and Occasional Papers Series (ROPS) and other reports. The Center also hosts the Clark Kerr Lectures on the Role of Higher Education in Society and publishes a book series on these, jointly with the University of California Press.

Program emphasis is on the following research areas:
Your Gift
Your donation to CSHE will support the following initiatives:

The CSHE Clark Kerr Fund
During his appointment as Chancellor, Clark Kerr helped to establish CSHE in 1957. This fund provides general support for CSHE activities, including new multidisciplinary and international comparative research initiatives on strategic issues facing higher education.

The CSHE Visiting Scholar Fund
The Visiting Scholars program continues to attract innovative and talented faculty and researchers from around the globe. This fund provides support for these scholars, promotes the Center’s research productivity, and helps to support the CSHE Alumni Network. 

The Executive Leadership Academy Fund
The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) prepares visionary higher education leaders to guide their institutions in an increasingly multicultural and global environment. It is designed for individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in preparing themselves for appointments to executive positions such as dean, vice president, provost, president, and chancellor. Leaders in this new environment must have the knowledge and skills to work with individuals from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Since ELA was founded in 2011, 272 fellows have graduated from the program. Many of them have applied their insights from the Academy to their career development or to benefit their institutions. Most recently, Adela de la Torre who graduated from ELA in 2013 was appointed President of San Diego State University! The donations obtained here will help to off-set the costs of travel and tuition for those accepted into the program but need financial assistance to attend. 
View the Executive Leadership Academy brochure

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