Clark Kerr's World of Higher Education Reaches the 21st Century: Chapters in a Special History by Sheldon Rothblatt (2012)


This book on President Clark Kerr of UC which consists of contributions (besides Rothblatt's) from Vartan Gregorian, David Gardner, David Breneman, Paul Lingenfelter, Arthur Levine, Patrick Callan, Thorsten Nybom, Michael Shattock, David Palfreyman, Ted Tapper and Guy Neave.  Besides providing portraits of Kerr, arguably America's best-known higher education leader and public policy analyst in the last 50 years of the twentieth century, the contributors discuss the character (and fate) of the California Master Plan for Higher Education and its influence (or limited influence), Kerr's achievements at the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education and the Carnegie Council on Policy Studies, his (dashed) hopes and aspirations for the Santa Cruz campus of UC and the conceptual basis of his thinking about the structure and values of universities. This is the first book thus far to discuss his lifetime work in toto and in a comparative and international perspective. It casts light on how other nations and American states have addressed the fundamental Kerr attempt to balance merit and access through policy.

Publication date: 
January 1, 2012
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Rothblatt, S. (Ed.). (2012). Clark Kerr's world of higher education reaches the 21st century: Chapters in a special history. Higher Education Dynamics Vol 38. New York, NY: Springer.