Zach Bleemer

Job title: 
Research Associate and PhD Candidate in Economics

Zach Bleemer is a Research Associate at the Center of Studies of Higher Education, where he directs the UC ClioMetric History Project. He is also a PhD candidate in Economics and a National Academy of Education / Spencer Dissertation Fellow at UC Berkeley.

The UC ClioMetric History Project at CSHE has constructed one of the largest repositories of historical and contemporary university records in the United States. Zach’s research combines these data with quasi-experimental research designs to examine the long-run ramifications of young Americans’ post-secondary education and specialization decisions, with a particular focus on university policies that promote socioeconomic mobility. He has published studies of affirmative action and other access-oriented admissions policies, the consequences of student debt accumulation, widespread misinformation about the costs and benefits of higher education, and state disinvestment from public higher education in outlets including the Journal of Public Economics and the Journal of Urban Economics.

Zach holds a research position at the UC Office of the President and is a member of The Campaign for College Opportunity’s Policy Research Advisory Board. He earned his B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Philosophy from Amherst College, and previously held research positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Mathematica Policy Research.

Research interests: 

Long-run student outcomes of post-secondary educational policies and decisions


(510) 643-8397
759 Evans Hall Berkeley, CA 94720